The Office of Physical Education Affairs


·       Supervising and evaluating sports programs, technical services for coaches, and how to carry out programs related to relevant units

·       Supervising the preparation of various sports training programs at the university level

·       Proposing effective and useful plans for relevant authorities to improve the physical education of the university

·       Providing the necessary facilities for studying and researching the scientific methods of sport and promoting the scientific level of the coaches and athletes of the university

·        Supervising the implementation of competitions between colleges, national competitions, and student Olympiads

·       Performing the necessary planning for the proper use of sports facilities and physical education equipments by staff, students, and faculty members

·       Implementation of sportive and physical education programs on staff, students, and faculty members of the university in order to maintain and improve their health and society

·       Establishing a connection with universities and other national and regional sports centers to set up short-term and long-term plans

·       Supervising and administrating the financial affairs of the relevant department

·       Supervising and providing equipments, sportive establishment, and various sports facilities

·       Use the valuable experiences of other universities in physical education fields