The Office Cultural Affairs and Extracurricular Activities


The Department of Cultural and Extracurricular Affairs has a close relationship with students and student associations and corporations, while maintaining the principles of cooperation and participation, respect for human dignity, intimacy, responsibility, and trust taking into account the general policies of the university and the interests and needs of students, and aims to develop cultural space, promote knowledge-based and faith-enhancing activities, strengthen the ethical behavior of students, value the religious beliefs, and promote the cultural attitudes of students in cultural programs and occasions.

The main tasks:

. Monitoring the activities of students' cultural and artistic centers at the university.

. Organizing various national and religious ceremonies at the university on various occasions.

. Coordinating the issues related to students' journals and publication.

 . Conducting different conferences and cultural festivals in university and national level.

 . Establishment of meetings of relevant committees and councils and follow up of their approvals.

. Holding and monitoring of various cultural activities such as: camps, pilgrimages, and tourism ones.

 Implementation of cultural programs with other institutions of cultural affairs at the University..

. Planning for the reporting annual cultural activities.

 Planning for the New Students Conferences (each year)..

. Holding various cultural-social programs in student dormitories.

. Holding conferences, meetings, free-thinking seats, and student discourses.

. Holding different ceremonies for cultural, artistic activities, ect.

. Conducting extra cultural and artistic classes.

. Planning for student participation

Vice Chancellery for cultural & students Affairs
Cultural Activities, 2017
Exracurricular Activities, 2017
Religious Activities, 2017