Student Counseling Affairs

Considering the organizational chart of the university, the office is directly supervised by the Deputy of Students Affairs and Culture at UMSU. The head office has been composed consultation rooms for both boys and girls students to offer counseling services. All the services offered in these offices are for free of charge. In brief, it could be said that this office can be helpful in terms of students’ education, social compatibility, legal issues, curing character and behavioral disorders, and treating depression and fear as well as anger management.


·       Helping the students to have a better self-cognition and to improve their thinking as well as their abilities, desires, and values.

·       Helping the students to make better and more efficient choices in their lives such as for the major of their study, job and social issues.

·       Helping the students to develop their talents and skills and to improve their sense of creativity.

·       Helping the students to improve their relationships with their family, significant others and to make a wise decision at the time of marriage.

·        Helping them to prevent problems which can the source of deep emotional and mental disorders.

·        Making effort towards curing emotional and character disorders.

·        Helping the students to achieve necessary skills in relation with their growth and also satisfying their desire.

·       Helping the students to identify and accept the dominant social values and to prevent false excitement.

·       Helping the students who do not suffer any special problem but would like to improve their mental health.

·       Helping the students to achieve necessary skills in terms of making healthy relationships with different people in the society.