Students Welfare Services

The Studies and Student Welfare Service is responsible for contributing to the development of a proper academic environment that promotes learning, academic success and social inclusion of the university's students.


·       Enrolling the students in each semester as well as completing their profiles in the Students Welfare Fund system (Personal information, account number, notarized letter of commitment, marital status etc.).

·       Considering the applicants for welfare loans and services based on the bylaws and granting different loans to the qualified students such as for the purpose of education, urgent cases, accommodation, insurance, goods purchase, tuition fee etc.

·       Considering and evaluating the forms filled by the student applicants for the loans of accommodation as well as making necessary confirmations. Also considering the forms related to the urgent loans based on the bylaws and regulations.

·       Covering the students qualified for health care insurance as well as issuing and extending their insurance cards.

·        Insuring all students for possible incidents and issuing insurance cards.

·       Preparing and sending forward all the documents of welfare services and loans to the Students Welfare Fund as well as following the contracts and the issued checks.

·       Following the financial records of the students concerning their debts to the university.

·       Considering the student’s conditions who have applied for students work as well as covering those qualified, confirming their performance and the job payments.

·       Following the tasks and cased referred to the office and considering the students’ demands and requests.

·       Dealing with debts of students at the time of graduation.

·       Responding to all clients to issue the final record regarding the automation program being online.

·       Considering the notarized letters of commitment signed by the students to use benefits of welfare services and the dormitory.

·       Providing reports on the incomplete profiles to the head of dormitories as well as completing the student profiles.  

·       Enrolling the applicants of the loans for the purpose of education, urgent cases, goods purchasing, tuition fees, accommodation etc.