The Message of the Chancellor


Thank you for being interested in the Urmia University of Medical Sciences (Previously, Urmia Medical Sciences University (UMSU)), one of Iran’s leading medical universities. In our new strategic plan, the UMSU wants to make an essential contribution to the region, to I.R.IRAN and to the international research community.

Accordingly, I invite you to explore these pages carefully and discover for yourselves the great riches to be found here. But as helpful as they are, the real keys to the UMSU experience lie within each of our students and faculty members and staff. Speak to them, and you’ll quickly discover a faculty and staff who are helping students to flourish and to grow in body, mind, heart and spirit. Talk with our students and you will meet active and engaged learners who are breaking new ground and engaging in the world with a purpose as they seek to find powerful and effective ways to improve and save the lives of others.

Being a student is a journey, this journey allows students to find out who they are and what talents they have, and who they can be and should be as moral and ethical leaders in their professional and civic communities.

In my opinion, a university is, more than an organization, a living organism which grows and develops and reflects the dreams and aspirations of those it is made up of— its academics, its administration, its students. A university education should be an enriching and fulfilling experience, an exchange of learning and an opportunity to challenge established beliefs and nurture innovative ideas. This has been our aspiration and dream; this is what we want to share with you!

Mohammad Amin Valizade Hasanloei

The Chancellor of UMSU