Razi Psychiatry University Hospital


A Brief History of the Hospital:

By having 41903 m2, Razi University Hospital was founded in 1993. It has a rich history as the first regional mental hospital offering psychiatric treatment and care services. This one-specialty hospital was expanded to include 93 beds in three psychiatry ward, a clinic, and an electroshock therapy room. There are a total number of 69 professional staff and 77 administrative staff. As a teaching hospital, Razi is dedicated to training new physicians in internship. The hospital facilities include a conference room, a library, a volleyball court, and a futsal pitch. The Emergency Department now has a resuscitation area, and an acute observation ward.

Ambulatory Medicine Departments and Care Clinics:

·         Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics offering treatment and care services for 24 patients daily and almost 8900 ones in a year.

·         Drug abuse treatment center offers methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) services and treats 51 patients for substance abuse daily and almost a total of 18400 ones per year.

Laboratories and Imaging:

·         A Diagnostic Laboratory by the following subsections:

•  Hematology

•  Biochemistry

•  Immunology

·         A Diagnostic Radiology Center


Address: Razi Hospital, Salmas Road, Urmia, I.R.IRAN

Fax: +9844-32622931

Tel: +9844-32622937

Email: academic.relations@umsu.ac.ir


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