Faculty of Pharmacy

Dean: Dr. Amir Heydari (Pharma D. Ph.D)
Email Address: Heydari.866@gmail.com

A Brief History and some explanations:

Urmia University of Medical Sciences' School of Pharmacy is dedicated to teaching and research in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. UMSU School of Pharmacy is the first highly rated pharmacy school in West Azerbaijan, Iran.
We have a long tradition of academic and research excellence. Founded by UMSU in 2011 , the School tries to elevate the profession of pharmacy by furnishing the means of proper instruction.
The UMSU School of Pharmacy offers a five-year professional program leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree.
With an enrollment of nearly 73 pharmacy students, the highly ranked school conducts cutting edge research in drug discovery and development.
One of the most intriguing aspects of our program is our diversity - our diversity in our students, in our faculty, and in the opportunities that exist here.
We work with students very closely and provide a great deal of support. Our students are assigned to working groups, which translates to a strong campus community.

Course Curriculum:

• Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics - These courses introduce and reinforce the integration of the basic and clinical sciences in therapeutic decision-making. This integration is further emphasized in complex disease cases in the pharmacotherapy courses in the third year.
• Abilities Lab is a series of six courses that occur each semester during the first three years of the curriculum. Self-paced activities include pre-lab readings and study in pharmaceutical calculations, medical terminology, and drug knowledge; live exercises include participating in lab sessions, discussions, reflective journaling, and self-development assignments. This course series is designed to introduce and reinforce contemporary pharmacy practice skills necessary for advanced rotations in the fourth professional year.
The Students and Staff:
There are a total of 73 students with a five-year professional program leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree.
The professional staff of the faculty includes 8 assistant professors, and 1 lecturer.


• Department of Pharmacology
• Department of Medicinal chemistry



• Pharmaceutical Chemistry
• Pharmaceutics
• Pharmacognosy
• Pharmacology
• Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
• Food and Drug control


Scientific Research Groups:

• Pharmacology
• Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
• Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Topics for Scientific Research:
• Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)
• Rational use of drugs
• Drug design and development
• Biopharmaceutical development



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