Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery

Dean: Dr Hosein- Habibzadeh (Ph.D)
Email: Habibz_H@yahoo.com

A brief history of the faculty:

In 1915, the first Nursing Institute was established by a group of American missionaries in Urmia. Three years later, a group of students graduated from the Institute. During the First World War, the school moved to Tabriz. Later, in 1926, the Institute was reestablished in Urmia. Following the closing down of the American Hospital in Urmia, the third group of students was moved to Tabriz. In 1981, Shahid Rejaei Teaching and Research Complex replaced Sedighe Rezaei Nursing Institute. In 1987, the Institute was renamed and restarted as the Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery of Urmia University of Medical Sciences.

Bachelor's program:

1. Nursing
2. Midwifery
Master's program:
1. Medical Surgical Nursing
2. Critical care master's program.
3. Consultation in midwifery
There are a total of 522 students, Including 451 Bachelor's students (Full time education) and 71 master students.
The professional staff of the faculty includes 7 assistant professors, and 26 lecturers.


1. Nursing
2. Midwifery
3. Medical Emergency
1. Skill Lab (2 unit)
1. Computer center (1 unit)
Scientific- research groups:
1. Patient safety center
Topics for Scientific Research:
1. Clinical governance
2. Clinical Service Excellence
3. Medication Error, and Learning from Errors
The faculty publishes a monthly scientific journal in the field of nursing and midwifery



Address: Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, Pardis-e Nazloo, Urmia, I.R.IRAN
Tel: +98441-2754961-4
Fax: +98441-2754921
Email: academic.relations@umsu.ac.ir