About Us

Urmia University of Medical Sciences (UMSU) is a public medical University located in Urmia, West Azarbaijan province, Iran.

The medical college institution which was founded by Joseph Cochran in current location of city campus of Urmia University in 1878 is considered the first attempt to establish higher education institute in Urmia. Dr. Cochran is also often credited for founding Iran’s "first contemporary medical college".

The Website of Urmia University credits Cochran for "lowering the infant mortality rate in the region" and for founding one of Iran's first modern hospitals in Urmia. The medical faculty Cochran established was joined by several other people, namely Drs. Wright, Homlz, van Nourdon, and Miller. They lived for whole of their life in Urmia.

Now The School of Dentistry is an integral part of UMSU and has 10 departments, and Dental clinics of GHODS and ALBORZ. It offers graduate degree program of Doctorate of Dentistry. Our faculty members are the prominent scholars of the country, in both training and research and clinical skills.

The School stays ahead of the ever-progressing field of dentistry. It introduces students to the most up-to-date advances in theory, materials and technology. Students also learn to add empathy to their theoretical and technological knowledge.

The faculty provides students with a broad education and in-depth training in laboratory technique and theory. It also trains students in dental hygiene and other related fields so that they will be able to give service to society in their related fields.

Dental School Goals

· Training dentists along with modern advances in World’s Dentistry

· Leading fundamental and applied research in Dentistry according to health-treatment needs and problems through educational and research teams

· Offering continuous education to the Dentistry community of West Azarbaijan province

· Offering health and treatment services to hospitals and affiliated health centers


· Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Diseases

· Department of Restorative Dentistry

· Department of Orthodontics

· Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

· Department of Periodontics

· Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology

· Department of Endodontics

· Department of Pedodontics

· Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology

· Department of Prosthodontics

Degree Programs

The School of Dentistry offers undergraduate program for both national and International students as follows:

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs




(U.S. $)/Year

Doctorate of Dentistry



6 years


Please click here to download the Program.

Language of Instruction

Classes will be held in Persian and some parts will be in English. Therefore, it is recommended to make arrangements to come at least one semester before to begin your Persian language classes.

Class Location

The program will be held at UMSU International campus and its dental clinics in Urmia, Iran.

* All interested applicants are welcomed to apply to UMSU by completing the online application form available at http://eform.umsu.ac.ir/Application to identify their school, level, and major of interest.