Manager of Post Graduate Education

Post graduate deputy is one of the subunits of Educational Affairs in Urmia University of Medical Sciences, and Educational Services. One of the most important duties of this office is help to alumni to complete their graduation works at upper levels (Master, Ph.D, and specialty so on), and this is the most important educational work. In other words, each student who has successfully passed all course credits and educational process has been accepted to study in this course –equal with acts by the Supreme Council of planning and according to related  rules and procedures, will be considered as graduate or alumni in that particular course.




·       Implementing enrollment affairs of students who accepted in Fellowship, B.S and Ph.D. research.


·       Obtaining research core viewpoint and comment for Fellowships and students of M.Sc degree and introducing assistants to escrow notarized commitment and relevant correspondence in the Notary Office.


·       Study and making decisions on educational issues of students in terms of their scientific and practical developments.


·       Preparing and filing the general principles of academic programs and monitoring their implementation after approval.


·       Evaluation the educational programs and comment on the change or develop them.


·       Monitoring student’s active military duty and issuing certificate of employment to their education.


·       Monitoring completion certificate of graduate studies, transcripts and degree confirmation.


·       Monitoring registration and unit selection of students of different academic disciplines.


·       Preparing and filing statistics and information from different disciplines and send them to the competent authority.


·       Monitoring transfer of students according to the specified rules and regulations.


·       Communicate with other universities and educational institutions inside or outside the country for educational and students exchange.


·       Dealing with interweaving and unraveling issues relating to applicants continuing education of postgraduate and PhD programs in the field of basic science and specialized in clinical fields.


·       Investigation of graduate educational case since enrolled until graduation based on some rules.


·       Introducing M.Sc students and assistants to the school of Medicine and office of Vice-chancellor for Student and Cultural affairs and relevant Educational Head of Department and University's Security, toward enrollment and doing welfare affairs and obtaining approval of no physical disability and filing.


·       Introducing M.Sc students and assistants to the automation services unit of Education Vice-chancellery in order to filling a related form and taking student identity card or Fellowship card and then educational filing for them.


·       Inquiry and acknowledgment of receipt educational records of previous academic levels and amount of debt of assistants and Student Welfare Fund.


·       Announcing profile of levies to the military service and relevant ministry, issuing annual notification of assistants and setting certificate employment of assistants and issuing annual leave of assistants and M.Sc students in specific cases.


·        Correspondence and response to requests for transferring and gusting of assistants and M.Sc students.


·       Correspondence of changing majors, registration from replacement assistants, withdrawing from school of assistants and M.Sc students.


·       Participation and cooperation in holding national acceptance test of assistants, annually promotion and relevant correspondence.


Manager of Post Graduate Education

Dr. Farahnaz Noroozinia